Friday, 26 December 2008

Vinyl etc 2008 Redux


So this has been an SY heavy, mothership and side project year... I'm a HUGE fan and have followed everything, so the list is bound to reflect this... I make no apologies either, so stay for the ride or adiós to you fairweather friends!. I actually thought before compiling this list that in comparison to last year, 2008 has been pretty thin on the ground for great sounds. I was obviously wrong. The 2 SYR releases alone have given me countless hours of oblivion within the Sonic soundscape, and have further established them, after over 25 years of watching... in solid black letters on the large, sprawling map of my psyche.
I am very happy to report that Mr Neil Michael Hagerty is still more than capable of producing albums that have the power to surprise and delight in equal measures... his howling hex keeps me very happy indeed. Neil I salute you!.

But also it has been a year of discovering new craziness... in particular Los Llamarada and U.S. Girls, both have restored my faith in the belief that there are plenty of people out there producing sounds that can make you stop in your tracks and rejoice. It's just up to you to search out and destroy.

1. J’Accuse Ted Hughes
- Sonic Youth
2. Inherit - Free Kitten
3. Andre Sider Af Sonic Youth
- Sonic Youth W/Mats Gustafsson
and Merzbow
4. Secret Earth - The Dead C
5. Hush Arbors - Hush Arbors
6. Gucci Rapidshare Download
- Magik Markers
7. The Door - Religious Knives
8. Gravel Days - U.S. Girls
9. Take To The Sky
- Los Llamarada
10. Sensitive/Lethal
- Thurston Moore
11. Earth Junk
- The Howling Hex
12. All The Stars In The Sky
(Locked Groove Record)
- Lee Ranaldo
13. Keffer/Gordon/Moore Cassette
- Keffer/Gordon/Moore
14. Multitopia - James Ferraro
15. The Holy Master - Poor School

The rest in no particular order...

Introducing... - U.S. Girls
Blindfold - Thurston Moore
Blues For Proposition Joe - Mirror/Dash - Kit split 7”
It’s After Dark - Religious Knives
Resin - Religious Knives
Hollywood Groupies Rule - Oscillator
Don't Move Your Finger b/w Corpse Solo - John Wiese
‘Could You Be Loved’ - Lambsbread
Jex Thoth - Jex Thoth
Newraytheonport - Gary War
Built For Lovin’ - Thurston Moore
One For Merz - Bark Haze
Maelstrom From Drift - Lee Ranaldo
Texas Working Blues - Christina Carter
Raccoo-oo-oon - Raccoo-oo-oon
Physicalities of the Sensibilities of Ingrediential Stairways - The Skaters
Cortney Love Killed Da Cobain - Paul Flaherty/Thurston Moore/Bill Nace
Ragas Of The Culvert/Total Loss Songs - MV + EE
The Second Original Silence - Original Silence
Fabulous Diamonds - Fabulous Diamonds
Clomeim - No Neck Blues Band
Monolith: Jupiter - Bark Haze and Traum
Pwtre Ser - Magik Markers
And Still, Wanting - Prurient
Kobold Moon - Fursaxa
Adult Life - Carlos Giffoni
Challenger - Burning Star Core
Uneasy Flowers - Autistic Daughters
U.S. Ez - Sic Alps
Too Old To Die Young - Tall Firs
Games For Slaves - Teenage Panzercore
Imperial Wax Solvent - The Fall
Rose/Thorn - Charalambides
Lie Down In The Light - Bonnie “Prince” Billy
For The Maples - Gown
Mister Lonely: Music From A Film By Harmony Korine - J. Spaceman/Sun City Girls
Freedomland - Jackie-O Motherfucker
Split 12” - Kemialliset Ystävät/Sunroof!
Chemical Chords - Stereolab
Vivian Girls - Vivian Girls
Astral Bleachers/Big Moment - MV/EE W/the Golden Road
Waiting In Vain - James Jackson Toth
X-Plural US - Various Artists
Countless Centuries Fled Into The Distance Like So Many Storms - Lee Ranaldo
Aftypiclipse (For Jazzfinger) - No Neck Blues Band
Mouthus - Mouthus (No Fun Vinyl only)
Osorezan - Mimidokodesuka
Ringlets (Rita Cavallini) / Asphyxiator/Asphysixiated Split - The Rita/Body Collector
A Blossom Fell - Christina Carter
Vaporizer / Feral Cousins - Emeralds/Tusco Terror
A Team Come True - Dreamcatcher
Plays Berkeley - Pocahaunted/Robedoor
Basement Psychosis - Bark Haze
“Western Mass Hardcore Rules OK” - Slither/Thurston Moore/Paul Flaherty split 7”


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